How work

In HeyBitcoin, the whole process is done automatically, using artificial intelligence. That is why our cryptocurrency purchase processes are characterized by being fast and effective, our staff only intervenes on some occasions. Learn how our platform works.

This is the process


Customer initiates an order

Our system contacts in few seconds with more than 200 brokers looking for the best price.


Payment process

We immediately send our clients to our checkout, if the payment is correct it goes to the next phase.


Payment verification

Our system verifies that the payment is correct and legitimate. Our payment processor contacts to the card-issuing bank. (everything is automatic and immediate), to check if you are the real owner of the card (3D secure system).


Customer verification

Our system instantly verifies the information sent by the client and compares the information provided by the bank.


See you soon!

When the verification is approved, our system immediately sends the cryptocurrencies to the client.

You will get

Secure process



What do you get?

  • Security

    We use encryption and process payments using 3D secure

  • More local currencies

    Pay using your local currency

  • More cryptocurrencies

    Here you can buy more than 10 cryptocurrencies

  • Support 24/7

    You can chat with our technical support in any time

  • Free Wallet

    You can save your cryptocurrencies on a free cold wallet

  • High purchase limits

    You can buy large amounts of cryptocurrenciescomprar grandes cantidades de criptomonedas

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